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Music Festival Shop


Jupiter and suns creates a unique festival stall, presenting an exciting selection of clothing and accessories,

celebrating individuality and diversity.

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Jupiter and suns came into being during the 20th century in the year 1992.

During this year the forming partners decided to bring their experience of colour and texture back from the Indian sub continent to the UK.

They shared their joy by trading lush garments and exotic textiles.

From these origins grew branches, crafting crystal jewellery and painting psychedelic backdrops, offering these collections via small outlets and eventually our own shop.

Entering the 21st century a website purveying belly dance accessories, and ethnic home furnishings materialised.

But outdoor music festivals were where our hearts belonged, and Jupiter and suns has flourished in this environment over the last 25 years to become a unique festival stall bringing fun, exciting goods from around the world to festival goers the length and breadth of the UK.




delights await
Wigs n Headgear

Mullets, Afros, Bobs;

Shrooms, Flowers

and Feathers

Bling Caps
Gold, Silver, Black,
or a little more colour

Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery




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ML12 6PG


Tel: 01555 880751

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